You won't be Alone

Together with Lam Chek (the lyrics), Mark Lui composed a song (You won't be alone)  for Unicef Children Foundation's 'Szechuan Heal the Wound Effort'. The song was released on June 8th. As Ambassador of the Foundation, Leon started a series of promotion, transferring of funds, accepting donations,  and prize awarding ceremonies. This single CD will be priced at HK$10 to benefit the Szechuan earthquake victims. 25,000 pieces were printed to be sold at Chow Ta Fu outlets. Asked why the disributing at goldsmith outlets and not CD sales outlets, Leon said most people who are willing to spend on gold or jeweleries will not mind an extra $10 for the single CD. On the contrary, most are not willing to spend on single CD at CD sales outlet but would rather download online. Takings from the CD will be donated in full, not deducting any expenses incurred for the production. A special notation was attributed to Lam Chek, who seldom appears on MV, but has made an exception, and this was highly commended by Leon, stating that it adds more meaning to the cause.

Asked about whether he has a different view in life with the ongoing catastrophe, Leon stated that life is comparable to the weather who is always changing, but human beings are more adaptable. When encountered with any misfortune, teamwork and moving forward will always be a good way to heal any wound. He reiterated his father's illness many years back where he had promised to do more charity work and this promise has seen him through till today.

Asked if he is considering adding new member to his family, Leon stated that this is not an occasion for such topic.
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  1. whatithas43

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    August 09, 2017