Why Leon is picked for role in Mei Lanfang

Mei Lanfang movie has completed filming process. In March 19, 2008, the first poster of the movie has been released.  It was very captivating.  To take on this role, Leon had undergone intense training in posture and eye expression. and when this poster was first made public, it shocked most critics. The result -- amazingly capturing the eye expression of the late Mei Lanfang.

When it was first revealed that Leon has been picked to take on the role of Mei Lanfang, there were many opposition from Mei Lanfang's fans, and questioned if Leon could handle this mature role. Critics jumped at the conclusion that Leon was a mistake for this role.  However, the consultant for the Mei Lanfang Operatic Group, Wu Ying, stated that the way Leon walks, talks resembles very much the late Mei Lanfang's gentle characteristic.  The movie is not only about Mei Lanfang on stage, but more on his life and to choose one that resembles his characteristic is rare find these days.  Although well-known names like Tony Leung, Wang LiHung, and Chan Siew Tong have expressed interests in this role, Leon stands out amongst all because of his 'little shyness, gentle, quiet, and respectful' character.  Mei Lanfang' son, Mei Baojiu, especially sees so much resemblance in Leon to that of his late father.

From the beginning, many has compared Leon with the late Leslie Cheung.  Mr Wu Ying, however, thinks that there is no way to compare these two as they are very different person.  Leon is popular internationally, he is a Beijing-born, is almost an introvert has a stable and cool charaisma which are all so close to the late Mei Lanfang's character. Mr. Wu Ying also emphasized that Leon's face features are different from Mei Lanfang, but the way he walks, talks resemble too much of the late legend.

Mr.Wu Ying has watched a scene performed by Leon  and Chen Hong. This scene was about Mei being threatened by civil liberation and Leon has brought out the feel of Mei at that time, he has also brought out the characteristic of the chinese feeling at that era.





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