Met up with Zhang Ziyi


For the first time in 9 months, Leon met up with Zhang Ziyi in Beijing on September 5th. They have not met since Zhang completed her part in movie 'Mei Lanfang'  in December 2007.

Both are in Beijing to shoot the MV for song in 'Mei Lanfang' entitled 'You Understand my Love' sang by both Leon and Zhang.  This is the first time Zhang sang in a song for the movie.  It was said that though new to singing and unpolished, she does have a nice vocal.

Leon took on directorship again in this MV and Leon was so serious in this song that Mark Lui had made a trip to Japan for the perfect touch. 

Leon was already in Beijing since Monday, September 2nd for the preparation work and Zhang was so touched by his commitment and sincerity that she agreed to stay back due to some delays. 

During the filming, Leon cooked soup to share with the crew.  Zhang commented that Leon is better off as a director than a house-husband.  Director Chen Kaige had also made a surprise visit to the crew.

Movie 'Mei Lanfang' is scheduled to hit the cinemas in December 2008.

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  1. jaydensilas

    Some time when we meet our fellows they are nothing but in few year they become special and then remember that we meet that people here and in this day. The pictures are down show here so you can visit this site and these photos are upload here because I want to see Zhang Ziyi

    May 24, 2017