Mei LanFang Update

Director Chen Kaige has finalized the post-production of movie Mei LanFang starred by Leon Lai and Zhang Ziyi.

Though movie Mei LanFang could not be completed in time for entry into the Oscar which is a big regret, it has however passed the China censorship Board for its scenes and languages.

Mei Baojiu (son of Mei LanFang) has seen the movie and was entirely satisfied.  His comments after viewing the movie : "This is my father, this is exactly who my father was".  He added that Leon Lai definitely is very charismatic, poised and his upright character has almost brought the late Mei LanFang back to life.   Mei Baojiu stated that Leon's portrayal of  the late Mei LanFang was so successful that the result is beyond his expectation.  Mei Baojiu is so satisfied with Leon's portrayal of his late father that he will not allowed reproduction of the biography of Mei LanFang for the next 50 years.  He said he will pass on this will to his next generation.  He also stated that this movie alone is good enough to pass on year after year after year. He can't thank Leon enough for his willingness to take on this role and  for the successful portrayal.

Movie Mei LanFang will his the cinemas in mid-December 2008.

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  1. scarlettglyde

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    August 17, 2017