August Update

August 28th
Leon attended a Charity event and with the release of Jill's album, a celebration was held. Leon was asked if Janice was being frozen because she has not released an album for a while. To this, Leon said that he himself should be the one being frozen as he has not released an album longer than Janice.

August 24th
Though August 24th is Gaile's birthday, she attended a modelling assignment even in the midst of a typhoon.  Gaile had just returned from visiting her family in San Francisco and when asked how she would be spending her birthday, she (with her usual sweet smile), said that she will be celebrating with a few close friends and of course, Leon will be by her side.

August 21st
Michael Kwong was in Taiwan for a press conference on his upcoming concert in December. To his surprise, Leon appeared on stage to give morale support. Michael said that he was introduced to Leon by Jordan Li a few years back, and hit it right on with Leon. He thanked Leon for saving his singing career and soared to stardom again with his song 'Fairy Tale". 
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