An Embassing Moment for Leon

Leon attended a press conference as Youth Ambassador for Unicef Children Foundation on 10-15-08. The event was held in a golf course in Szsechuan.

In the midst of the conference, he had to leave the scene to answer to 'mother's nature'. With his sudden leaving the stage whilst the speaker was still giving the speech seemed odd, and undoubtedly, the attention was no longer on the speaker but an obvious attention as to why Leon had left the stage unannounced. Leon returned a few minutes later looking embarrassed.

When asked by reporter, Leon explained later that he should not have drank so much water on his way to the conference as he didn't think the press conference would take longer than 15 minutes.

Leon was asked if he was affected by the economy downturn. He said that he, like his group of friends, does not indulge in stock market, so there is no effect on him. When asked about investments in houses, Leon stated that he is happy with what he has now, and that everyone should be satisfied with what they already have and not risk on gambling away their hard-earned money.

When being asked about girlfriend Gaile, Leon commented that that is a personal affair, and to keep talking about both their relationship to him is 'very boring'.

Translated from Oriental Daily News.

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  1. diter1958

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    February 08, 2017