Activities for Earthquake Victims in Szechuan

Volkswagen HK Ltd/Unicef Effort (5-21-08)
Leon Lai, as ambassador for Unicef Children' Foundation, has accepted donation of $500,000 on behalf of Unicef from Volkswagen HK Ltd to help earthquake victim in Szechuan.

There was a TVB charity program attended by many entertainers with the three Heavenly Kings -- Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, and Aaron Kwok.  It was reported that Leon was missing in action because he did not want to join in the trio.  To this, Leon clarified that he was in New York working and the earthquake happened the day after he had arrived in New York.  He paid close attention to the news but because he was working in New York, he could not rush back for the charity show.  He had just returned to Hong Kong on May 20th, and was  invited by Volkswagen HK Ltd to accept the check on Unicef's behalf.  He accepted this assignment without hesitation.  Leon also clarified that he will be more than happy to join in any activities to help give comfort and support to the earthquake victims, especially the children, whose psychological damage will be hard to overcome and it could affect them their whole life.   Though, he said, he would prefer (if there is opportunities) to spend time with the children to help them heal their wound.  This, he said, will have to be left to the authorities to decide.
Asked if he has any plans. Leon said that besides AMusic's, Gaile and him have made personal donation of $100,000 respectively to the help support the earthquake victims.  aHe also learned that Volkswagen's Beijing branch had earlier donated $105,000,000 fpr  the earthquake victims.

agree immediately to VW request to accept donation. VW's branch in BJI has earlier donated $105,000,000 to victim. AMusic and him donated $100,000 respectively so does Gaile.  He was asked if he would donate with Gaile together, Leon said it doesn't matter how the donations were given, it's the thought that counts.

Leon also mentioned that he had worked in Szechuan and had held concerts in Chengdu years back.  He commended the beauty of the city, and it's very unfortunate that the earthquake had destroyed everything overnight turning the city into ashes.  He felt the pain, and hope the city could be rebuilt successfuly and let victims have a home as soon as possible. 

Asked if he will go to Ground Zero for a visit. Leon said discussion is ongoing with Unicef at the moment to see how help could be provided to help heal the wounds of the victim - it's not as easy as just go, he said. They need calmness handling the situation, proper planning, and coordination.

He remembered years ago when filming 'Moonlight in Tokyo' in Japan and experienced an earthquake.  At that time, he was staying on the 57th storey.  He could feel the building sway and was afraid the building might collapse, he said he realized at the moment that it's all fated.  An afterthough, he said that most importantly, one should treasure people and things around you.

Single CD to help earthquake victims (5-22-08)
Leon was in New York working and not able to participate in the Hong Kong TVB Charity show for earthquake victims; but once back in Hong Kong, he immediately jumped into action.  He contacted Mark and Lam Jik to organize a single CD entitled 'Heal the Soul'.  All takings including sales from online, not deducting the expenses, will be fully donated to the Unicef Children Foundation to help the earthquake victims in Szechuan.  Leon said this will be an ongoing effort and all takings from the single CD will be for the benefit of the earthquake victims, especially the children and orphans.

On May 22nd, Leon attended the Unicef Earthquake Redevelopment activities as ambassador for the Children Foundation.  Press conference was held where Leon accepted Chow Da Fu and Yong On Bank's donation of $750,000.  Leon said there was an estimate of approximately 4000 orphans at this earthquake.

Mark stated that he has never experienced finishing composing a song in two hours.  He said he had lots of thoughts since the earthquake.  Lam Jik, on the other hand, felt very saddened by this unfortunate catastrophy.  He did not have a good night sleep since.  Leon said when he called Lam Jik after the earthquake, this guy was crying terribly.  He was afraid that Lam might break down during the press conference but this, Leon said, is felt by everyone.

Leon said though reporters and volunteers felt terrible at the scene, but the worst hit will be the affected children as it could affect them their whole lifetime.

Leon expressed that gifts for these young victims are especially important now since most of them are not very mobile --  entertainment toys are especially important to make them happy e.g games, computer, or even a big screen so they could feel the support from online friends.

Leon said a psychologist friend agreed that organizing groups of volunteers to help heal the children's psychological state of mind now is especially helpful. He will not hesitate to help in any way - be in required to be in person at the site or helping with other entertainment activities. .

Asked how he felta.  Leon said he had visited other devastated scenes before and memory of such is forever. He also said that every one has a weak side in them and should try to handle each situation calmly.
Interviews with Leon - thoughts, plans, and activities for earthquake victims:

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